I need cash fast.. But how?
"I need cash fast.. But how?"

5 Ways to Improve Your Credit

Few things will affect your long-term financial goals like your credit score. Whether it’s buying a car, automobile or even landing a job, you need this score to be as good as possible. Here are five easy ways we recommend doing so.

Make It a Priority
Your credit won’t improve until you start making it a priority. Most people don’t do this and it shows when it comes time to get a loan. Check your score once a month to make sure you’re headed in the right direction, but be sure you use the same source each time as there can be slight fluctuations across different models.

Dispute Errors
Simply knowing your credit score isn’t good enough, though. It’s also important that you scan your records for signs of any errors that may have been made on the agency’s part. This happens and it could affect your finances greatly.

TransUnion, Experian and Equifax will all allow you to dispute any errors you’ve found online so there’s really no excuse not to.

Always Negotiate Bad Marks
Even if you have the best of intentions where your finances are concerned, you could still make mistakes that will haunt your credit report for years to come. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. You can actually negotiate with creditors or even flat-out ask them to treat an account as “paid as agreed” if you will become current or otherwise provide a large sum.

Furthermore, you can even work with a creditor after your credit report has taken damage. For example, say you were a good credit card user until you became unemployed for six months. Write the credit card company and briefly explain the circumstances careful to point out that, prior to that six-month period, you were the ideal customer. Then ask that they remove the related blemish from your report. Others have been successful in doing so.

Confirm Your Credit Card Limits
Speaking of credit card companies, sometimes they’ll up a customer’s limit but forget to report it. Therefore, when it comes time to update your credit report, it might look as though you’re consistently spending past your limit even though you’re as responsible as ever. If you find this kind of discrepancy, just ask the credit card company to address it and they will.

Stick to a 30% Credit Utilization Ratio
Your FICO score is greatly influenced by how much of your total credit you consistently use. This means that if your limit is $1,000, you should stick to never having a balance of above $300. However, don’t forget about your other cards too. If you have another card with the same limit, but it’s maxed, your credit utilization ratio is now 65%.

Ideally, try to stick to 10% if you can, especially if your credit score really needs the help right now.

Depending on where your credit score is currently at, you may have an uphill climb ahead of you, but it doesn’t have to be an impossible stretch. Implement the five tips above and you’ll quickly see for yourself.

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