I need cash fast.. But how?
"I need cash fast.. But how?"

5 Ways You’re Wasting Money

Saving money is important for the wellbeing of your finances, but don’t stop there. It’s just as important that you make sure you’re not needlessly wasting money too. Here are five areas where you’re probably doing so on a regular basis.

Buying Brand Name Products
At some point, you have to choose between having control of your finances and buying brand name products; it’s as easy as that. We’re not just talking about clothes, either. There are perfectly acceptable – and affordable – alternatives to everyday products like:

  • Food
  • Skincare items
  • OTC medicine (and even prescriptions!)
  • Cleaning products

The great thing about buying affordable alternatives to name brand products you use every day is that, well, you’ll be saving every day too. Over time, this will have a noticeable impact on your finances.

Simple Car Maintenance
It may be hard to believe, but there was a time not too long ago when most people could carry out their own simple car maintenance tasks like changing the oil or even changing out a headlight.

Anytime you hire a professional mechanic, you’re paying an exorbitant premium for their services. Of course, sometimes, this is totally worth it. You don’t have their expertise and, even if you did, you don’t have access to the same tools they do.

Thanks to the Internet, you can handle all kinds of routine maintenance on your vehicle, thereby saving money on future repairs and ensuring you’re not throwing money away at a local shop.

Grocery Shopping with an Appetite
Perhaps you’ve heard of this advice before. Whether you have or not, now is the time to begin saving money by never going to the grocery store hungry. Simply put, you’re not making good decisions when you do so. Try it for a month and compare it to the prior month’s grocery bill to see for yourself. This is also especially good advice for those of you looking to keep to a diet.

Buying Snacks
Speaking of your eating habits, here’s another one that will help decrease your waistline and add to your savings: no more buying snacks. Although many dieters find that healthy snacks like a piece of fruit or handful of nuts can help with their weight loss goals, the problem is when you allow yourself the luxury of buying snacks.

This is how you end up spending a few dollars here and there at gas stations and drug stores. If you work in a building with a convenience store in it, you can justify all kinds of purchases on the way in and out of work. Pack healthy snacks ahead of time and quit buying them.

Making in-Person Purchases
Whenever possible, order everything online. Amazon has revolutionized the way we make purchases and one of the benefits has been that their products are almost always cheaper than anything you’ll find in person.

Don’t forget about Craigslist, eBay and other options for buying used products. As long as you check to make sure the seller is credible, doing so will be great for your budget.

Now that you’ve identified five ways you’re currently wasting money, try to break a habit or two and get that number down to four or three. Then, as time goes on, work to eliminate all of them.

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