I need cash fast.. But how?
"I need cash fast.. But how?"

How to Save Money During Back to School Shopping

While most parents will admit to a certain degree of relief when it’s time to send their kids back to school – summer vacation usually doesn’t feel like much of a vacation to them – the shopping required to be done by their child’s first day can dampen their mood. If you’re trying to stay on budget but have some little ones who need new supplies, here are some tips that should help.

Sweep Your Home for What You Already Have
Believe it or not, you may already have a lot of what your child requires for a productive school year sitting inside your home already. Kids often bring home their notebooks after a full year with plenty of paper left in them. Why let that go to waste? Your kid doesn’t need a brand new pencil if they already have some that still have plenty of writing they can do. The same goes for pens, markers and other required supplies.

Don’t Be Tempted by Trends (at least not yet)
You remember what it was like being a kid and preparing for that first day of school. While you may have been excited to see your friends – or even do some learning – you also want to make sure you showed up sporting the newest trends.

As a parent, you now know how silly it is to place so much importance on name brands as a kid, but if you do decide to indulge your son or daughter a bit, wait until at least a couple weeks into the year.

This is to avoid your child going to school thinking Brand A is the new thing only to find out that it’s actually Brand B so they need an upgrade.

Go to End-of-Summer Sales
Despite the fact that these sales are about getting rid of short-sleeved shirts and shorts that won’t be practical for long, they often have plenty of other articles of clothing your child can wear for the entire year. You can also buy socks, underwear and undershirts for kids who are growing in the sizes they’ll hit come winter.

Always Start with and Keep to a List
Your child should have a list from their school about which items they need for the year. Then there will be items like clothing and other specifics your kid requires. Whatever the case, make this list with your son or daughter’s help and then stick to it. Don’t let your wandering eye become a danger to your budget.

Don’t Forget About Shopping Online
More and more people are buying everyday items online, but then when it comes to back-to-school shopping, we fall into old habits and head to the department store. Sites like Amazon are always great places to find big savings, so don’t forget about them now. Also, make sure you do lots of comparison shopping. The Internet is great for that.

Before you begin spending money on back to school shopping because you don’t think you have another choice, consider the above advice and keep more of it in your savings account.

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